Physical Modelling - Marine Renewable Energies

Engineering, model making, testing, post-processing and analysis of results...

Our services

  1. Tests protocol engineering/li>
  2. Scale models making
  3. Basin operation
  4. Post-processing and analysis of results
  5. Recommendations on the design of structures

Océanide offers its 30 years of experience and expertise in physical model testing developed for the Oil & Gas industry to the main actors of the marine renewable energies. This activity, started in 2001 with first basin tests on floating offshore wind turbine concepts, is today the main company activity. Among the numerous projects and concepts tested in the deep-water tank BGO FIRST, mention can be made of the followings:

  • FloatGen Project: the France’s first offshore wind turbine – and floating – installed in 2017 off the coast of Le Croisic
  • Kriegers Flak wind farm: Denmark´s largest offshore wind farm (fixed offshore wind turbine) with a capacity of ~600MW
  • EolMed and PGL (Provence Grande Large) projects: 2 of the 4 French pilot floating offshore wind farms scheduled for installation in 2023

Offshore wind – Floating foundations


Client Projet
IDEOL / TOTAL QUADRAN EolMed: floating wind farm pilot project
EDF-EN / SBM Provence Grand Large: floating wind farm pilot project
UK Department of Energy and Climate Change / MEES-DORIS AWC: Articulated Wind Column
DIETSWELL EolFloat: semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine
MAREAL XCF: semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine

Offshore wind – Fixed foundations


Client Projet
ENERGYNET / JanDeNul Kiegers Flak: Model tests on the GBS supporting the Offshore Substations
EIFFAGE / JanDeNul Fécamp : Model tests on the GBS supporting the wind turbines
ACCIONA ARGO: Model tests on the GBS supporting the wind turbines
Carbon Trust / SPT SIWT: Suction Installed Wind Turbine
JanDeNul Monopile installation template

Offshore wind – Installation and maintenance vessels


Client Projet
TECHNIP WFIV : Wind Farm Installation Vessel
CNIM Windkeeper : Offshore wind farm support and maintenance vessel
SAIPEM Castoro Vento : Offshore wind turbines installation vessel
TECHNIP TECHNIP DISV : Deck Salvage Installation Vessel

Other marine renewables


Client Projet
VirginiaTech Current + Wave energy converter
FPP Wind + Wave energy converter
ORECON OWC : Wave energy converter
D2M Bilboquet: Wave energy converter
OCEANLINX Bluewave WEC: Wave energy converter