Marine Hydraulics | Hydrodynamics | In-house Software

Marine Hydraulics


  • TOMAWAC : Waves propagation studies
  • ARTEMIS : Agitation studies
  • TELEMAC 2D : 2D currentology studies
  • TELEMAC 3D : 3D currentology studies
  • SISYPHE : Sediment transport studies
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  • Waves propagation studies
  • Agitation studies
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  • Waves propagation studies
  • Agitation studies
  • Sediment transport studies
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  • Ocean wave propagation studies
  • Sedimentological studies
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  • Mooring
  • Static and dynamic mooring calculations
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  • Seakeeping / towing
  • Calculation of hydrodynamic loading fixed or floating structures of large dimensions and of their response to waves (motions, loads...)
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  • Design and analysis of complex marine systems
  • Static and dynamic calculations of the response to the waves / wind / current of complex assemblies including ships, mooring lines, fenders, risers...
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In-house Software

Additionally, Oceanide has several in-house developed software, including:

  • ALISE | Analysis (time domain, spectral and statistical) of measurement made during the tests on physical models or from other sources, following systematic procedures. This ensures reliable and consistent results for quality assurance. If necessary, additional processing modules can be developed to meet specific needs.
  • Gencot_WWT | Processing sea weather data statistics and prediction of extreme conditions.
  • REJET | Study the diffusion of effluents from an outlet
  • OPTICABLE | Study the layout and stability of subsea cables and pipelines