Physical Modelling - Ports and costal developments

Engineering, model making, testing, post-processing and analysis of results...

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  1. Tests protocol engineering/li>
  2. Scale models making
  3. Basin operation
  4. Post-processing and analysis of results
  5. Recommendations on the design of structures

Since 1990, Océanide performs physical model testing in its flume or its shallow water tank for public local authorities within coastal developments and / or waterfront protection and private companies within coastal projects. With more than 100 tests campaigns performed to date, Océanide is one of the main French actors in the physical modelling of coastal structures and coastal phenomena. Performing tank tests on physical models aim at verifying the stability of these structures in a given marine environment, and assessing their performance in terms of protection, stability, overtopping, reflection, transmission or environmental impact in view of a possible optimization of the project. The combination of these two facilities, a flume and a shallow water tank, allow our clients to assess the hydraulic performance of one or more sections (2D) of a concept in the flume and then to perform a tests campaign in the shallow water tank to account for potential three dimensional effects (3D).

Breakwater and port developements (3D Tests)


Client Projet
GPMD Dunkerque LNG Terminal
Region LR Grand Port project, Port-la-Nouvelle
Principauté de Monaco | DORIS Engineering Condamine port extension project
Région Corse Revamping of the port of Bastia
Saipem Tanger Rho-Rho breakwater

Breakwater and port developements (2D Tests)


Client Projet
Saipem Tanger Med I et II – caissons and rubble mound breakwater
Saipem Arzew - caissons
EGIS Ports Offshore extension of Monaco, Anse du Portier – Jarlan caissons
CCI Nice Airport south area – shore protection
CG06 Protection against marine submersion of road RD98 - Geotubes and gabions

Morphodynamics, scouring


Client Projet
PETRO CANADA | Doris Engineering De Ruyther GBS - Anti scour protection
MARITEC Tabarka beach protection against erosion study (Tunisia)
EDF | Eiffage Gravity support for Fécamp offshore wind farm - Scour Protection
Mairie de Hyères Tombolo of Giens morphodynamics study
Mairie de St Cyr Les Lecques beach protection against erosion study

Submarine pipelines


Client Projet
GEOCEAN Outfall of Tetouan harbour, Tunisia
BOUYGUES TP Outfall of El Hank in Casablanca, Marocco
EDF | Wood Group Kenny JIP Cability : stability of offshore wind turbines power cables
TOTAL | Principia Browse LNG pipeline bundle